Weight Loss Counseling Sarasota FL

Have you made a lot of promises to yourself to lose weight, change what you eat and exercise more? Are you discouraged by how few promises you’ve been able to keep? Does it feel like – no matter how good your intentions are – you continue to fall back into old habits? Are you tired of feeling a sinking sense of hopelessness due to a string of failed promises to yourself? Maybe it seems like every time you try to make a real change, you end up failing – two steps forward, two steps back.

While it can feel inspiring and exhilarating to jump in for the short term and try a new cleanse or a new diet, too often these paths aren’t sustainable. And, good intentions can turn into another opportunity to beat yourself up. It can become exhausting to keep trying. You may be feeling hopeless, wanting to give up and starting to believe that you’ll always feel down, depleted and stuck when it comes to losing weight. And, although you may feel like you are the only person in the world struggling with your weight, you are far from alone.

There any many reasons people become overweight and struggle to lose those extra pounds. For some, this could be a symptom of a medical condition, so it’s important to first consult with your physician for a thorough examination. If a person is in otherwise good physical health, we then look inward and explore the emotional, mental, and spiritual factors that could come into play.

Common emotional reasons people struggle with weight loss include:

• History of abuse
• Internalized negative messages about self
• Past trauma
• Mid-life emotional issues
• Emotional stress

Many who want to lose weight say that health is a huge motivating factor. Losing weight will boost your energy levels, promote better sleeping habits, and help you feel better overall.

Are You Engaged In An Ongoing Battle To Lose Weight?

If you want to learn how to lose weight and maintain a healthy way of living, I’d love to help. You’ll will learn more about underlying issues that contribute to your struggle with weight loss, why you might have been unsuccessful at losing weight in the past, and ways to achieve real solutions.