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Getting Back to Happy is available on Amazon!

Denise Schonwald’s first children’s book is a story based on the true experiences of a seven-year-old girl named Allie who struggled with feelings of being scared and sad. Providing an inside look at how stressful emotions can affect our bodies and peace of mind, her journey also shows how important it is not to carry such an emotional burden alone. With the support of her loving family and a helpful counselor, Allie learns to cope with her feelings and get back to happy again.

Insightful Self-Therapy is available on Amazon!

Denise Schonwald’s second book is geared toward mental health, this book addresses the everyday problems many of us face and provides helpful tools for correcting them. Like a daily devotional, digest it one chapter at a time, or use it as a reference book for yourself to create optimal physical health, satisfying relationships, and overall feelings of peace and happiness.

Healing your Body by Mastering your Mind is available on Amazon!

Denise Schonwald’s first book, Healing Your Body by Mastering Your Mind, offers insight into living a physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy life by listening to and interpreting our body’s messages. A disease, illness, or symptom develops when energy is blocked inside the body. Unfortunately, many of us have little understanding of what causes it and how to correct it. This book helps you understand the body’s messages and how to heal.

Do you want to hear more from Denise? Checkout her blog where she discusses different struggles in mental health.

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