I read a book a few years ago that changed my life. The book was called “The Untethered Soul” written by Michael Singer. He said “we study energy outside, and give great value to energy resources, but we ignore the energy within. People go about their lives thinking freely and acting without the understanding of what makes these activities take place.” It got me thinking about how connected our mind, body and spirit actually are. The more I began to learn, the more fascinated I became.
I base my practice focusing on understanding energy and the impact it has on patient’s physical health as well as mental health. As human beings, we have 7 energy centers in our body. When we struggle mentally, we block energy. When we block energy for long periods of time the body will become ill, hence the word dis-ease.
For many years I practiced as a RN specializing in Intensive Care. During that time, I learned to understand the body by listening to the patient’s symptoms or by their description of their pain. When I transitioned into Psychology, I learned to do the same thing by understanding how to interpret patient’s inner energy. For example, let’s say you and I are gathered into a large conference room packed full of people. I lean over and tell you I have just volunteered you to speak for 15 minutes on a topic you know nothing about. What would likely happen? Well, you might notice you heart has started racing or maybe you have started to feel nauseated. Is there anything wrong with your heart or stomach? No, you were fine up until the time I told you I volunteered you to speak. What caused this reaction was your physical response to blocking energy at the heart and at the stomach. At the heart, energy becomes blocked when we feel anxiety among other things. Anger is another emotion which is very stressful on the heart. The blocked energy at the stomach is the energy center where trust and self-confidence lie.
If you would like to learn more about energy, I would be more than happy to meet with you. Feel free to e-mail me through hernandotherapy.com to set up an appointment. I look forward to working together.
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