There are many reasons that people seek out mental health counseling, but too often, this assistance carries an undeserved stigma. We think of mental health professionals as a last resort when things have gotten bad, but the truth is that counseling can provide significant benefits to people in all kinds of situations and walks of life. Working with a mental health counselor before emotions get out of control can be positive, life-affirming, and transformational. You can think of a mental health professional as a type of “coach,” helping you to learn to process complex situations and challenging emotions before they negatively impact your life.

Of course, many seek help when they have been diagnosed with a mental health condition, and a therapist is recommended as a part of the overall treatment plan. However, a diagnosis is not necessary to begin visiting a therapist. Here are some additional, everyday reasons that calling a mental health counselor is a positive, proactive move for your overall health.

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  • A significant life event has taken place: Major life events can take us off our game for a while, and most people recover after a period of time. However, others may spiral into depression, anxiety, or PTSD if left untreated. Events that may fall into this category include the death of a spouse, child, parent, or close friend; job or career loss; adultery or divorce; diagnosis of a life-altering medical condition. You may also have experienced an accident or survived a natural disaster. Whatever the traumatic event, grief and loss typically manifest to various degrees, and having help to process these emotions can bring genuine healing.
  • You feel alone but in need of help: Let’s face it, life can be downright difficult. Many of us are surrounded by people but feel alone, afraid to admit to vulnerabilities, fears, or inadequacies. When an individual is trying to solve their own emotional issues and struggles, they can fall away from the ability to cultivate or sustain healthy relationships. Having an unbiased third party to speak with can help immensely when working through negative emotions and getting back on the path to mental wellness.
  • Focus and concentration are elusive: If you find it nearly impossible to focus on everyday activities or work responsibilities, a therapist can help. A mental health professional can evaluate your situation, rule out (or confirm ) a mental health condition such as ADHD or depression, and provide a treatment plan that fits your needs.
  • Your emotions and actions are affecting people around you: Sometimes, we think we have our actions and reactions under control, but we begin to see how they adversely impact the people we interact with, especially when it comes to spouses, children, or close friends. Therapy can help individuals to develop and protect healthy relationships with others. If relationships have already been damaged, you may wish to suggest family therapy or counseling.

Benefits of Mental Health Counseling

Therapy can help people to cope effectively with life’s challenges in a healthy manner. Other benefits of therapy treatment include:

  • Relief from feelings of anxiety, worry, or depression
  • Help to maneuver through times of crisis
  • Validation, compassion, understanding, and assistance from a non-judgemental third party

If you find yourself wishing you had someone to talk to but don’t know where to turn, a therapist may be an ideal solution. Denise Schonwald is a nationally certified mental health counselor and coach that takes a compassionate and spiritual approach to help her clients, no matter where they are located. Call today to learn more about available video sessions that fit your schedule and lifestyle.