Americans have been brought up with an ethos of “rugged individualism.” Most have been taught that being independent and accomplishing milestones on their own proves that they are strong and capable. Sadly, this has left the vast majority of the population feeling inadequate when they feel they are failing in any aspect of their life. The truth is humans were created as social beings, and we thrive in a community. Being able to do everything ourselves is a fallacy – and the misconception causes many to fall into disappointment, discontentment, and even depression. Increasingly, people are learning that investing in a personal coach allows them to pull themselves out of that pit.

According to research, coaching clients experience better relationships, improve their communication and interpersonal skills, maximize their work productivity, and achieve a fulfilling work/life balance. These combined benefits result in a stronger sense of mental and physical wellness that often cannot be achieved alone. A coach can help you to heal holistically, addressing your limiting beliefs and realigning your subconscious way of thinking.

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What Can Coaching Offer, Exactly?

Many think of a mental health or holistic coach only as someone who encourages and offers advice. While they do both of those things, they do so much more. A licensed professional coach will examine the hidden areas of your struggle – listening, developing trust, and helping you to set and achieve goals. A good analogy is that of a sports coach. They begin with someone with innate talent, then help them harness that talent, focus on their strengths, and eliminate any thoughts or behaviors that may limit them. They can then work to close that gap between what the athlete is today and what that athlete can become.

Holistic coaches do the same thing. They acknowledge where their client is today, help them envision where they want to go and work with them to establish appropriate behaviors to get there successfully.

Is Hiring a Coach the Right Choice for You?

A genuinely motivated coach doesn’t just try to change you. They help you to reconnect with your soul and to define your most heartfelt goals. They work to help free your mind from the barriers you’ve built that get in the way of success and provide a plan of action to move forward. And yes, they cheer you on every step of the way.

Would your life benefit from coaching? Here are some tangible ways it can.

Coaching Provides Clarity:
When you make a significant purchase, you likely expend time, money, and research to ensure you make the right choice. A coach helps you do the same in your personal life – research your options before blindly stumbling forward. They help you to consciously consider where you are, what is causing you to feel “stuck” or unhappy, and which methods are best to move forward. Whether you are struggling with your family, career, friends or romance, health or money – the coaching process provides the clarity needed to move forward.

Coaching Helps Set Goals:
For many people, life is so crazy that planning for next week is out of the question – let alone planning for the future! Long-term goals can be especially difficult for an individual to imagine and formulate. A coach will ask investigative questions that help their client understand essential aspects of their own personality and mindset. Once they understand their own motives, they can set long-term goals and create a strategy to achieve them. While individuals tend to be too ambitious when considering a plan of action, a coach helps to keep perspective and develop realistic and attainable goals.

Coaches Provide Honest Feedback: Friends and family can offer support, compassion, and love – but they often won’t be entirely truthful about your situation. Instinctively, loved ones want to protect you and make you feel better. While your coach has these goals as well, you can expect them to provide honest, valuable feedback and suggestions that will tangibly help your progress. In time, you will realize that your coach is one of your biggest supporters, but they are committed to keeping you on the right path, even if it means being firm in their advice.

Coaching Will Teach You About Yourself: A coach helps develop self-esteem and boost confidence so clients can enjoy a new perspective. They explore the subconscious mind, identify past trauma, and eliminate the anxieties causing current issues and pain. Many people are surprised when they discover the root cause of the mental and physical distress they are experiencing. While this process may seem intimidating, individuals are often freed from chronic stress and experience true serenity for the first time. This new lease on life can result in more energy, productivity, and a positive outlook that allows you to move forward.

Coaches Hold You Accountable: One of the most challenging aspects of trying to change behavior on our own is a lack of accountability. When working with a coach, they will help you stay on track and help prevent backsliding and setbacks. Taking responsibility is vital to achieving your goals and living out your dreams, as it demands you acknowledge both accomplishments and failures along the way. Connecting with an accountability partner – such as a holistic coach – is not a sign of weakness. On the contrary, it proves that you are serious and intentional about wanting to do better in your life.

Take the Next Step

Denise Schonwald is a nationally licensed mental health counselor and holistic coach based in Sarasota, Florida. You can schedule a free, no-obligation 30-minute consultation to discuss your needs and expectations and to see if Denise is the right coach for you.

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